Remote home reading

During the many conversations I've had with clients about their house and especially the energy of the house, I noticed that I could empathize and go along with the energy of the house so that certain energy is also looked at.

Based on your house number and photos, I can go through your house with you and that way we will automatically come across the things where you get stuck in your life. It can therefore also be confrontational pieces that come loose.

What does a home reading entail:

  • A 1-on-1 consultation of at least an hour to 2 hours (I do the preliminary work).
  • Advice for the things you run into around the house, including yourself.
  • Interior/color advice.
  • Things can be touched on a personal level.
  • After this conversation you will look at your house very differently and you will receive tools to get started with yourself and your house.
  • You will receive a design of the space for which you would like a new layout.
  • After our conversation you will receive a very nice present (my presents are always very popular ;)).
  • A very sustainable investment for yourself.

Living more sustainably through your own energy.

Your home is a reflection of yourself. What you feel in your home is partly something that is touched by your backpack. By giving you more insight into your home, including how you look at life and where you are now, you come closer to your ideal interior of your home and therefore also you.

It is sometimes so striking that customers no longer need interior advice at all, but know very well what they do need now. You are the best interior designer in your own home. We just often don't know that. We often want a certain picture, but are you that picture? No one is the same, everyone is unique. Your own unique design. You chose to live in it, not the interior designer :).

A home reading over the phone, not via zoom. This is a conscious choice. The focus is on the conversation and I can get a lot of things just by listening to your voice. This is not a QUICK FIX! We are going to touch things together, but the elaboration needs time. I believe in slow processing, healing the wound from the inside, not sticking plasters 🤎 .


Price €581,- (may also be paid in 3 installments)

When you have placed your order, I will contact you to schedule our appointment and what I need prior to the reading to prepare me.

Before our conversation I need:
- Your address and telephone number
- Photos of the room(s) where you get stuck the most (DO NOT clean these up in advance ;))
- Map
- Family composition
- Date of birth of all family members
- At least an hour that you are alone and can speak freely
- Think in advance about what things you want to discuss

* It is possible to pay in installments and of course you can discuss this openly with me. Money is often a limitation we impose on ourselves. There can also be an energy blockage in the house and it is a way to show what you think is important.


  • "During this conversation, various topics came up naturally. It was as if Tinta tuned in to me and a wonderful conversation unfolded. I felt really opened up to myself during that conversation. Tinta listens, tunes in and gives practical tips where I already I can do something with it right away. After the conversation I even felt a kind of tingling in my body, smiling I turned it into a TINTAling in my head. What a special experience!"

1 by 1

Invest in yourself

All packages are sustainable investments that will benefit you for the rest of your life. Think of it as an investment for yourself. I do not work according to a fixed system, but purely on feeling and adapt it to your wishes and needs. After all, every person is different.

It is possible to pay in installments. The following applies to all packages; excluding materials and travel costs.


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