What can I help you with, what are you running into, what are your questions, is there a match? In this conversation I explain my working method. I do not work according to a fixed system, but purely on feeling and adapt it to your wishes and needs. After all, every person is different.

When booking an intake, I will send you a package prior to our meeting to get to your home questions. I currently do the intake free of charge.

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Wil je met jouw bedrijf de deur openen naar jouw succes met je eigen persoonlijke sleutel? Stap binnen in mijn WERK HUIS, een exclusief traject voor bedrijven die vanuit een ander perspectief willen ondernemen.

We starten op 20 maart, meteen bij de start van HUIS22, dat is een mooie start en deze krijg je van mij cadeau!


Home retreat

Since this fall I have been giving very personal 1-on-1 home retreats on location, where I help you (again) to bring peace, harmony and balance to your home. The perfect basis to tackle your home from a different perspective. Turning inward in a time when we are also more at home. Connecting you to your home, your second skin.


Home reading

After having had several telephone intake conversations, I noticed that a lot is already being put into effect at customers and their homes and that there is a need for a shorter version of the home retreat. That's why this home reading that I offer remotely.


Energetic cleansing

Cleaning your house is not just walking around with some sage ;), but goes deeper. It is a very ritual where it is all about connection and energy.

  • What?

    I help you look in that mirror and make you feel at home again in your house. I will look with you at how we can open that door again to let new energy flow in. Reconnect yourself to the soul of the house. I do this in various ways. You decide how and what, but I can help you make a choice.

  • How?

    By feeling energy in your home and working with the natural elements, I can determine the best layout for your house/room. But I also look at the bottlenecks you encounter at home and with yourself, so that we can go into them in more detail.

  • Why?

    Your home is a reflection of who we are and what is important in our lives. A house that cannot be a home lacks warmth and inspiration and ensures that your heart remains closed.

    All packages are sustainable investments that will serve you for the rest of your life. See it as an investment for yourself.

Additional options

Thanks to my broad network, I can also monitor possible radiation in the house, furnish it according to all Feng Shui guidelines, have your house checked for fungi / humidity / air quality / harmful substances. For this I work together with external specialist companies.

Finally, I can also give you advice in the use of natural materials, cleaning products, air purifiers, etc. Sometimes it is also possible that we encounter things where you really need professional help. will need to solve it. In this case I will possibly forward you to the right person, who I think can help you further!