<transcy>My name is TINTA, interior coach & connector. I help you look in the mirror and make you feel at home again in your own home.</transcy>

Living in harmony

Bringing HARMONY into a space is where my heart lies. From the moment that I was aware of my surroundings, I soon noticed that I could very strongly sense atmosphere and imbalance and subconsciously arrange a space in such a way that it was again completely in harmony with the house and the people who lived in it.


"Sustainable living in your own energy"

  • Huisretreat ‘Lichter de herfst in’

    Sinds dit najaar geef ik zeer persoonlijke 1-op-1 huiretreats, waarbij ik je een volle dag help om (weer) rust, harmonie en balans te brengen in je huis.

  • Telefonisch huisretreat

    Ik merkte na diverse intakegesprekken gehad te hebben, dat er al heel veel in werking wordt gezet bij klanten en hun huis en er behoefte is aan een wat kortere versie van de huisretreat.

  • Energy package

    Cleaning your house is not just walking around with some sage ;), but goes deeper. It's a whole ritual where it's all about connection and energy.


No quick fix

I'm not going to clean up your closet, but I'm going to investigate with you why you aren't cleaning that closet. Lessons that you can use for the rest of your life and that are not short-lived.

I can also energetically clean your house and bring you back into BALANCE with your house. I do not do this by purchasing a whole new interior, but to see together with you what you run into.


<transcy>"You can't just walk away from your house, so it's better to listen to what it wants to tell you"</transcy>