~ Behind every door is another story

My name is TINTA, the name I was not proud of before, but now brings me so much.

After many dark years there is finally light at the end of my path. I could write a whole book about my life (maybe I will someday), but for me it's important right now to tell you where I am now and inspire you and show you that it's really going to be okay .

After 46 years the time has come; through many detours, with deep valleys and high peaks, my message has taken on a form that I want and can share with others via TINTA at home.

From childhood I have had a certain kind of sensitivity to imbalance in spaces. Almost unconsciously I bring the right energy back into a house with simplicity, connection and warmth, so that it is in harmony with the people who live there.

In the grown-up world, this almost naturally translated into a function. as a (interior) stylist and I was involved for years in furnishing houses and design. Often I missed my real strength, where my heart lies, namely: Bringing harmony from within.

It is time to use the valuable lessons I have learned in my life. show and share with you. I can show you and feel how you can make something out of nothing, in a creative, unique and surprising way that ensures that the energy in your home will flow again.

I'm ready , you too?

Love, Tinta