Growth package

Bringing calm to the chaos

With this package I go deeper into your 'problem'. For example, we look at why you have so much stuff, you can't get an overview, your cupboards are bulging, there is always clutter, you can't find peace, you can't feel unity, you always lose your keys, the laundry is everywhere. Maybe you've outgrown your home (figuratively) over time and don't know how to get the balance back. In addition, there can also be a lot of quarrels in the house, your child does not sleep well, you cook unhealthy, there is moisture in the house.

We go in, literally and figuratively. We will solve this with multiple conversations, in which I use meditations, rituals, mirroring and many questions. These conversations will take place both physically and online.. appropriate to your situation. I will also advise other packages if necessary depending on the problems we encounter.


Cost indication

From €234,- per session. We determine the number of sessions required on the basis of our first conversation.

After our first intake interview, we determine together what best suits your situation and what your wishes are. The costs for the intake interview will lapse if you choose this or another package.

Investeer in jezelf

Alle pakketten zijn duurzame investeringen, waar je de rest van je leven iets aan hebt. Zie het als een investering voor jezelf. Ik werk niet volgens een vast systeem, maar puur op gevoel en pas dit aan aan jouw wensen en behoeften. Ieder mens is tenslotte anders.

Wanneer alle pakketten gecombineerd worden, geldt een korting van 10% op het totale bedrag. Voor alle pakketen geldt; exclusief materialen en reiskosten.