Harmony package

Harmony in the home can be achieved in various ways. For this I make use of the 5 elements; wood, water, fire, earth and metal. By means of energy I can determine which color fits best in the space and in which places what should be placed where in terms of furnishing.

Don't expect high-end 3D drawings :), from experience I know that this only costs a lot of time and money. I'd rather spend my time helping you to solve your problem and bring harmony (back) to your home.

We look at the bottlenecks together and I mainly focus on working with the elements (objects) that are already present. I find this a more sustainable solution than buying new stuff. This will not solve the underlying problem.

I am very good at creating something out of nothing, that is my strength! Unless of course you have too much stuff and experience that as a ballast. If the latter is recognizable, I advise you to look at the Growth package.


Cost indication

From €534,- for a plan/design per room.

After our first intake interview, we determine together what best suits your situation and what your wishes are. The costs for the intake interview will lapse if you choose this or another package.

Investeer in jezelf

Alle pakketten zijn duurzame investeringen, waar je de rest van je leven iets aan hebt. Zie het als een investering voor jezelf. Ik werk niet volgens een vast systeem, maar puur op gevoel en pas dit aan aan jouw wensen en behoeften. Ieder mens is tenslotte anders.

Wanneer alle pakketten gecombineerd worden, geldt een korting van 10% op het totale bedrag. Voor alle pakketen geldt; exclusief materialen en reiskosten.