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TINTA at home

Home retreat

Home retreat

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Excluding travel costs and overnight accommodation when driving >2 hours. Including my intake package that you will receive by post before our home retreat.

Depending on your needs, which we discuss during an intake interview, this day may include:

  • Interior advice, but with the stuff and space you already have.
  • Color advice
  • Tips to organize your space more economically
  • Bringing peace and balance (back) into your home
  • Tackle things that you've been putting off for a long time at home
  • energetic cleansing
  • Reconnecting with yourself
  • A very nicely filled BeGoodBag
  • And many more very valuable impact

Afterwards you will receive a drawing of the new layout and of course there is also a piece of aftercare of 3 months. A sustainable investment for yourself, your home but also for your family. Only a few spots available. Extensive information Home retreat .

    Betalen in termijnen

    Tijdens het afrekenen is het mogelijk om te kiezen voor betalen in 3 termijnen. Deze optie staat tussen de betaalmogelijkheden, zoals iDeal en Creditcard, en wordt getoond als ‘in3’. Vervolgens kun je je betaling via iDeal doen, waarbij de 2e termijn een maand daarop is en de 3e termijn weer een maand daarop.

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